membership”]Bit [light or ray] membership of DaSaengSoWhal means a entirely new type of hightech energy transmitting program enabling the change of body and mind by receiving Hexomia energy where the person is located.

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Books and CDs

Just meet the Books of Demei and CDs containing Hexomia energy now! Books and CDs is healing our mind and body.

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Energy Water (sample)

Hexomia energy water contains quantum level energy, is different from ordinary mineral water, tailor made Hexomia energy is being dynamitized within.

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  Messages from Demei

Going toward a micro world 1 icon_new

Bit [light or ray] world is one going toward a micro world.
Micro does not necessarily…. read more →


HIS lamentation icon_new

Sad and heartbreaking. How on earth neglecting what Heaven does! Heavenly work promising the harmony…. read more →

 Easily understood messages from Demei on her own voices. When you listen to it, clean and bright Hexomia energy is also delivered.
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 Hexomia energy tuned within the music streams let you sleep well and tight. It enables you to disolve sadness and dipressed mood by lighten up and focused your feelings. Click here →
 If you open the pop-up window you will meet ‘the brightest and cleanest energy, Hexomia‘, and your space will soon be filled with it like perfume. Click here →
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